Monday, December 17, 2012

With our Debriefing Coming to a Close, We Will Be Home for Christmas!

It has been a wonderful and restful past few days here at Bulstrode. We are staying at the WEC UK headquarters, which is a beautiful mansion in the English countryside.

We went into London which is only a short train-ride away on Saturday, but have spent the rest of the time debriefing, and resting and reflecting on what we have learned on this trip.

While we are anticipating coming home, it has been super awesome being able to have some time to reflect on what has happened. Some people have felt a clear confirmation on their call to ministry on the trip. Some have a definite place and ministry they have in mind. For me personally, I was hoping that God would use this trip to place a specific country or people group on my heart, and while that did not happen, I am totally okay with that, because instead He taught me that I am called to ministry, and even though I don't know the specifics, He will reveal those at the right time. We all learned so much through the different missionaries and ministries we encountered along our journey. Each one like a piece of the a puzzle taught us something to add to our learning experience. Each place and the people in it have a little piece of our hearts and we will never be the same because of it. We have all been changed in different ways, and I know for me I will be forever grateful for this experience.

We will be heading home tomorrow morning (minus Miriam who left for her home, Sri Lanka, today). We are all excited to be coming home and looking forward to spending Christmas with our friends and families!

See you soon and Merry Christmas from England!

-Emily & The Team :)

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