Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Taste of Bangkapi, Thailand

 Whitney and I after a successful first day of teaching English! We have 11 students...since we teach from 7-9 in the morning, we've enjoyed taking some of our students out for breakfast and Thai food after class :-)

 A few of us enjoying bubble tea at the market.

 Santisuk School where we are teaching this month!

The JJ Market that a group of us went to this past weekend. There were so many shops and markets...pretty hot under the huge tents but SO worth it.

 I tried some coconut ice cream, served straight out of the coconut shell! yummy.

 One of the many signs of Buddhism that we see here in Bangkok...there are so many shrines and spirit houses with offerings to the idols, mostly located on the streets and in shops. This was outside the JJ Mall that we went to.

I love all of the street vendors everywhere and sampling different kinds of food. One of our favorites is from the "banana man": a crepe-like dessert stuffed with an egg and banana, and sprinkled with condensed milk and sugar. Sounds kind of strange but trust me, it's so delicious!


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