Friday, November 9, 2012

Teaching in Thailand!

Street side smoothie shop frequented by our team, daily!!!

Mix Berry Smoothie, 35 baht ( a little over $1). Yum!!!

Dinner with Peace Fellowship Church members after Sunday evening English service.  This restaurant could seat all 35 of us immediately!

Mackenzie Wearda teaching one of her two daily English classes.

Phase 10!  The Thai people love games and lively competition!!!

Parents enjoying a friendly game while they wait for their children who are in English classes.  They gather in the Santisuk lobby.

We often will catch coffee at the nearby Starbucks!  As you can see, Christmas has arrived!  It is strange to see Christmas decorations and walk outside to 97 degree heat and 90+ humidity.

It's Christmas time...or at least Christmas marketing the city!
We will complete our first week of teaching English at Santisuk on Monday, November 12!  Most of the students are teaching two 2 hour classes.  Some have this teaching load and are also working a Teacher's Assistants in another class.  The ministry has asked us to spend 8 hours/day in ministry in class and out.  Our team schedules time with their Thai students outside of their class time.  They go out to breakfast, lunch, coffee, or dinner with their Thai students.  Some have scheduled field trips to the local crocodile farm, the Ancient City, the floating market, the open air market, and Tim Serbus will go fishing with one of his English students in a nearby fishing village on Saturday, November 10.  Every Friday night we join Peace Fellowship Church for dinner and their worship service.  It is hard to connect with each other as our teaching schedules start at 7 AM and do not end until 9 PM.  Everyone is coming and going from our Mission house home to Santisuk at odd hours of the day and evening. 


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