Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Time at Sendai Bible Baptist Church

Yesterday, (Sunday) we spent the day at Sendai Bible Baptist Church. After having dinner and fellowship the night before, we returned to attend the service and spend part of the afternoon with them. We sang a few songs during the service, and Dr. Easterling gave the message on II Corinthians 1:4-9, about the God of Comfort. We had lunch there and sang some more songs for them. After, they sang a blessing song over us, entitled "Emmanuel" which the Pastor's Wife had written. It was a blessing of us that God would be with us as we go and continue on our journey. Even though we could not understand the words, the song was very powerful and brought tears to some of our eyes. It was hard to say goodbye as even though we had only spent a day with the church, we felt such a bond of fellowship and friendship with them. They were very hospitable to us. 

Dr. E playing table tennis with some new friends.
Alicia, Amanda and Waverly sharing a Prelude song for the service.

The Church coming around us to sing their blessing song.

After, we went and toured a school where many of the Americans and foreigners from the church worked.  It is called MeySen Academy and was started by some missionaries around forty-five years ago. It was a very nice and elite school with a barn full of animals and a ninety-foot slide in their large playground. It was a cool experience for the education majors on the trip to see just one of the many different types of places they could have the opportunity to work and serve someday. 

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